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Elder Farms Flax Seed >>> What is RCM Flax?

Real Cold Milled™ or RCM Flax™ is a new way of milling flax. It is no secret that standard milling or grinding of flax has produced a product that spoils rapidly. These milling or grinding methods produce a product with an extremely short shelf life from as little as a few days to as much as 6 months. There are two main reasons conventionally milled flax spoils or oxidizes so rapidly. First of all, the conventional milling process creates temperatures that are too high. Several processors use the words “cold milled” to descried product, but studied closely, their product almost always heats up during the milling or grinding process. Second of all, the conventional processing actually liberates or expels oil that coats the ground particles creating a substantial increase in the surface area of milled flax. The high temperatures and oil coated particles alone or in combination produce a product that turns rancid or oxidizes in a relatively short period of time.

RCM Flax™ is truly a cold milled product and process. The flax enters the RCM process at room temperature, is milled at room temperature and it exits at room temperature. Furthermore, our proprietary milling method does not grind, crush or liberate oil like other processes, making our product very unique. RCM Flax™ has a non-refrigerated shelf life of greater than 24 months. In fact, a recent study performed by a major university indicated that 24 month-old RCM Flax™ had a peroxide value of .28. The cereal and grain specialists have stated that a peroxide value of 1 is considered very good and that a peroxide value of .28 on 24 month-old, non-refrigerated milled flax is exceptional.

Anticipated new regulations say just 1.6 grams (current regulation says 1.3 grams) of RCM Flax™ per serving allows an “Excellent Source” of ALA Omega 3 essential fatty acid claim to products ranging from pasta, baked goods and nut butters, to snack chips, energy bars, cereals and candy.


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