Elder Farms Flax >>> Premium grower and distributor of flax seed for horses, dogs, and other pets.

Do you feed flax seed to your horses, dogs, or other pets? Do you know that flax seed has been shown to help horse's, dog's, and other pet's skin, coat, hooves or paws, less joint pain or stiffness, and much more. Elder Farm’s Flax is dedicated to selling the highest quality milled & whole flax supplements for your horses, dogs and other pets. We are family owned and have been in operation farming, raising cattle, and horses for 15+ years. Our ground flax is Real Cold Milled®, processed to provide a shelf stable product. It has an extended shelf life of 24 months without signs of rancidity or loss of nutrient content, proven by university studies. We also have whole flax seed available.


We have an eight year old Weimaraner dog and we have noticed a remarkable difference in him since using your Pet Flax Vitality all natural dog supplement. Before Pet Flax Vitality, he was having difficulty in getting up from a prone position and did not sustain the energy level he once had. We tried expensive pills and they seemed to work for awhile, but it took several bottles to see any change. We started using Pet Flax Vitality and with only one bag, we were able to notice results. Our dog's coat is thicker and he doesn’t shed as much. His energy is back! He is running and jumping again and you can tell his joints are less inflamed. I am a firm believer that Pet Flax Vitality is the reason.

- Belinda

I have been using your Equine Flax Vitality product for close to a year now. I own and board 18 horses and all my personal horses have been on 1/2 cup of your flax per day with grain. I find it much easier and it saves time to use your milled flax, so I don’t have to grind it myself. This spring the difference between my horses, which have gotten your flax seed supplement all winter and the boarding horses is very noticeable. My horses’ coats this spring are shedding faster and twice as shiny as the other horses. My farrier also notices a considerable difference in their hooves as far as chips and cracks. Thanks for your product.

- Shirley

My German Shorthair dog has had a dry skin condition and a lackluster coat since he reached adulthood. I began to add Pet Flax Vitality as a supplement to his food, and within a few weeks I saw a definite improvement in my dog's coat and the condition of his skin. His coat is much softer and his skin is healthier. I highly recommend this dog supplement; I have seen excellent results.

- Amy I.

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